DoctoralWritingSIG is a forum where people who are interested in doctoral writing can come together to share information, resources, ideas, dreams (perhaps even nightmares!) in a spirit of building knowledge and skills around higher degree research writing.

You might be supporting research students in doctoral writing or ‘academic literacies’, or be a researcher in this field. You could be a research student supervisor or a person who is responsible for professional development of these people. You might even be a research student yourself.

Whatever your official role or title, what matters in this community is a common interest in doctoral writing.

What’s this blog for?

The DoctoralWritingSIG blog aims to be a lively, and above all useful, place to have discussions and find information. We see it as:

  • A pigeon hole for sharing relevant information, such as forthcoming conferences, grant and/or research opportunities.
  • A forum for swapping policy and/or practice, for sharing teaching resources, literature and research.
  • A safe place to ask questions and find answers.

We all love academic writing (even when we hate it!), but at the DoctoralWritingSIG blog we don’t fix it. Instead, the posts we provide will help you to fix your own writing and/or the writing of others.

We absolutely recognise the emotionality – the pleasure and pain – of writing, but nevertheless, we will moderate out any over-exuberance (or libellous stuff) that might attract the wrong kind of attention.

How do I join in?

There are a number of ways you can be involved in this community:

  • You can just subscribe to this blog by clicking the ‘Follow’ button and posts will automatically be sent by email.
  • You can follow us on Twitter.
  • You can contact us, send us interesting information or become a recognised member and contributor so that you can post information and news to the blog. Please email us on doctoralwriting@gmail.com if you are interested (all posts will be moderated).

How did we begin?

DoctoralWritingSIG began in April 2012 in Adelaide, Australia, at the Quality in Postgraduate Research (QPR) Conference. QPR is a biennial conference attended by academics, administrators and students involved in doctoral education. In the closing moments of the 2012 QPR Conference Claire Aitchison proposed a special interest group as a forum for connecting those interested in doctoral writing. Cally Guerin, Susan Carter and Inger Mewburn put up their hands to help. Inger (aka the Thesis whisperer) has been an invaluable guide, mentor and friend as we’ve learned how to manage the blog ourselves.  We remain indebted. Thank you, Inger.

DoctoralWriting has taken on a life of its own since then. We’re not exactly sure what kind of site this is – or what kind of future it will have – but we do know there is a small and enthusiastic community keen to get involved.

Initially DoctoralWritingSIG was instigated and moderated by Claire Aitchison, Susan Carter, Cally Guerin with help from Inger Mewburn. Currently DoctoralWritingSIG is moderated by:

Dr Claire Aitchison, formerly a senior lecturer in postgraduate literacies at Western Sydney University, Australia, she now works for the Teaching Innovation Unit at the University of South Australia. She freelances when she can.

Dr Cally Guerin from Researcher Development at the Australian National University.

Associate Professor Susan Carter from the School of Critical Studies in Higher Education at the University of Auckland.

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  1. If you are lacking motivation, pour yourself a cup of coffee and just keep writing 🙂


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