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  1. Hi I want to write and publish my first article but I don’t know what to do or where to start. Please assist me. I want to write an article about my social work degree thesis i did in 2012. How can I write it in such a way that it will never be rejected by journals.

    • Hi Eric – there’s no foolproof system, unfortunately. However, lots of journals have advice on their websites about what they are looking for, so I suggest you start by deciding which journals are most likely to be interested in publishing your work (read their ‘aims and scope’ to see where you might best fit). One useful way of identifying which conversations you could contribute to is by seeing which journals you tend to read and cite from. Then read their advice to authors on what they are looking for in articles.
      Be very clear about what your contribution is (that is, what is your argument and how is it new to the field?). If I’m reviewing an article for a journal and I don’t learn anything from it, then it is hard to see how the paper contributes new knowledge to the field. And make sure you update your reading list from 2012, as it’s likely there have continued to be further developments in the field since then.
      Good luck – it’s exciting when you do succeed in publishing your research!

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