From Claire, Susan and Cally

It seems extraordinary that we are finishing another year at DoctoralWriting!

Like colleagues everywhere, as the academic year draws to an end, we limp wearily towards the finishing line simultaneously buoyed by the thought of holidays and weighed down by all the tasks that require attention before we can relax. The precious ‘compulsory week off’ seems more and more special as many academics find their working lives intensifying. Speaking of which, we’ve found Agnes Bosanquet’s musing on The Slow Academic to have particular resonance – and recommend it as wonderful holiday reading. Along similar lines, you may also enjoy Robert Dessaix’s new book: The pleasures of leisure.

Down here in the southern hemisphere we are looking forward to the summer Christmas shutdown as the most important break in our working calendars. Claire will catch up with neglected friends, movies and reading. Cally plans to sit in her garden drinking tea and reading novels. Susan will be swimming when the tide is in and grabbing the time for her next book. We hope you too will have/ make time to enjoy the rewards of holiday time.

Looking back on 2018, we note these special pleasures: We’ve been blessed that Cally and Susan have been able to secure some funding to enable us to look more closely into our blog and its communities. So watch this space as we begin to share this work next year!

Also, we have continued to write and work together seeing a number of projects come to publication, including, Blogging: Connecting Research Communities Online in the Springer edition: University Development and Administration: Postgraduate Education in Higher, and Cally and Claire were delighted to contribute to Susan’s new book (with Deborah Laurs)  Developing Research Writing: A Handbook for Supervisors and Advisors. Collaborations such as these bring special joy to our lives.

The end-of-year post is the time when, traditionally, we thank our readers and guest writers for their commitment and contributions. In 2017, we have seen a big growth in our networks with an expanding number of readers and contributors from across the globe, and significantly increased communication through associated channels such as Twitter. This year we seem to have made even more links with other bloggers and active online scholars. And interest from doctoral students has also grown considerably. Without your support our blog would not have continued to flourish. Thank you all.

This will be our last post for 2017. We begin again next year with the second part of the Writing Group series hoping to inspire you to improve, expand, or begin some kind of collegial writing program; for yourself and/or for your doctoral students.

Until next year, we send you very best wishes for a most peaceful summer (or winter) break.

Warm regards,

Claire, Cally and Susan