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We thought this first post should serve the purpose of introducing ourselves and outlining how we envisage this space might work. (See also the ‘About’ page.)  As a group we have been working together learning, or trying to!, the technology and the genres of blogging.  It’s most likely you’ve already realised that Inger has been thrown into the role of teacher, mentor, problem solver… We’re very grateful to her for her enthusiasm, her time and expertise -and especially for your patience, Inger! Since we first came up with this idea in April 2012 we have been chugging along sometimes smoothly, often in fits and starts, deciding on what is needed and how we might go about learning, making and creating a forum for people who are interested in conversations about doctoral writing.

It’s been a fabulous journey – and although none of us are yet ‘experts’, and we concede to considerable nervousness … we’ve decided to launch DoctoralWritingSIG now; to treat it as a work in progress and to iron out problems as we grow and develop. Let’s hope we don’t trip up over the technology too often.

Blog management

Our plan is to share responsibility for the site and for posting blogs on a monthly basis. So you will see the style and flavour may change according to who is in the driver’s seat at the time. What will be constant, however, is our focus on doctoral writing and our desire to engage others with this similar interest.

We hope you will engage with us  by responding to posts; sharing your work, and the work of others, on the topic of doctoral writing; authoring a post and sending it to us to be posted here–and telling us if there is more that you would like to do or feel someone should be doing. 

Best wishes C, C, I and S